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Model 351 Downtown Dallas Texas

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Serving North Central Texas & beyond since 1979.

American Whirlpool

Quality, Innovation & Hydrotherapy

Providing the best in the industry for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

American Whirlpool RS2 Powerpool

Beauty, Comfort & Relaxation

On trend, designed for full body immersion, proper posture, superior comfort and performance.  Our hot tubs and swim spas provide warm water fitness and relaxation year round.

American Whirlpool Hot Tubs

Comfortable seating is a priority in the design of every American Whirlpool spa.  A wide variety of seating styles are available to fit your size and shape.  You'll find each spa engineered to scientifically balance ergonomic support, water pressure, jet position and body buoyancy.  Each seat is created to provide full body immersion and proper posture, in harmony with their respective jetting pattern for superior comfort and performance.  The shape and dimensions of each seat are designed for the curvature of the spine to provide correct posture and reduce stress on your lower back.

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American Whirlpool PowerPools

Designed to last, technically & functionally superior, your American Whirlpool PowerPool swim spa will deliver years of enjoyment.  Every aspect of it's mechanical operation is "Appliance Grade" and recognized in the industry as having raised the standard for reliability & serviceability.  Anti-turbulence technology creates a powerful, smooth & variable jet stream that is completely adjustable and designed to allow you to swim at your fitness level.

PowerPools by MAAX (pdf)